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Why Magazines?

  • Earn a great profit

  • Attract new clients

  • Optimize your floor/wall space

  • Increase sales of your other products

Why VIP?

  • There's absolutely no risk to you

  • We deliver Magazines that will earn you money

  • We monitor your sales for you

  • We do the work

two Magazine display racks filled with various magazinesCustomized for You

To ensure that magazine sales are as successful as possible, VIP Magazine dealers will work closely with each retailer to develop a mix of titles tailored specifically to their customer base. As needs change, VIP tweaks and adjusts selection and order size, to make sure your program keeps up with demand.

Whether your store has been selling magazines for years or you're looking to get started, VIP Mags will make your magazine sales profitable and hassle-free.

Join the hundreds of satisfied chain and independent retailers in a custom designed VIP Magazine program and start reaping the financial rewards.