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Why VIP?

  • There's absolutely no risk to you

  • We deliver Magazines that will earn you money

  • We monitor your sales for you

  • We do the work

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have the floor space?
    Yes! In most cases, it is not necessary to delete inventory in order to make room for magazine racks. You can start out with our 25 Title display, which has a rack space of only 18'' wide, and then add to it as sales increase.

  2. What kind of sales can we expect?
    Retailers who pay attention to their customers' requests have strong results. When we combine your familiarity with your client base and our knowledge of trends in magazine sales, we can discover a selection of magazines that will result in excellent sales.

  3. Are there any costs to our company?
    Very few. You must purchase the appropriate magazine racks for your stores, but if your account is in good standing after twelve months, we will reimburse you for the cost (up to $200). You pay VIP monthly for the magazines you order, and receive credits for any magazines you don't sell. Opening an account with VIP is an economical, no-risk way to sell magazines.

  4. Do I have to worry about magazine theft?
    If magazine returns are done properly and promptly, shrink should be less than half of one percent.

  5. What risks do we have?
    Zero! Every product that your store receives from us is 100% returnable, so you have nothing to lose.

  6. Will it take a lot of time and effort from our key personnel?
    Once the initial setup is complete, we manage 90% of the business, leaving your staff free to concentrate on your primary business.

  7. I currently receive magazines from someone else. What should I do?
    Our agreement is exclusive, so we would ask you to please cancel your other shipments before our product arrives in your stores. You can begin selling our magazines as soon as all magazines from other sources have been removed.

  8. What if I am not happy with the results of the magazine business?
    Your magazine business may take a little time to develop, but we'll help you discover the right mix of magazine titles. Your feedback about customers' requests and our experience in the business will help you succeed.

    After 12 months, If you're still dissatisfied with your magazine sales, just call us and we will discontinue service immediately. At that time, you must remove all magazines from your store and return the covers to us immediately for credit. If you purchased a magazine display rack and would like credit, it can be returned in good condition for full credit.